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Individualized instruction for the exceptional child

Mission Statement

To help every student achieve and exceed their potential.

In order to accomplish this goal, I commit to:

  • Treat students with dignity and respect
  • Listen to their needs and desires
  • Help students recognize their learning strengths
  • Encourage students to take ownership of their learning
  • Work in conjunction with parents, teachers, and other professionals to facilitate success in all learning environments




Orton-Gillingham Method

Support and enrichment in the areas of reading, spelling, and writing for students with Dyslexia and/or a Learning Disability in reading. Students will receive direct instruction using the Orton-Gillingham method which is a research-based technique that is multisensory, systematic, and comprehensive.


Support and Enrichment

Student-driven instruction will target the individual needs of each student. By collaborating with classroom teachers I will design lessons that reinforce, enhance, and extend the skills they have already learned in the classroom.


Support and Enrichment

Each student will receive explicit instruction through every step of the writing process. They will learn how to effectively brainstorm, gather necessary information, organize content, write a draft, edit, proofread, and finalize their essays.

Academic Coaching

Study Skills and Organization

Students will develop the organizational skills required to keep track of assignments, manage their time, prioritize tasks, and break down large assignments into smaller tasks. They will be able to apply their own learning strengths to experience the most success.


Workshops and Trainings

“Dyslexia for a Day”

A Simulation Workshop

Created by the Dyslexia Training Institute

Who should attend: experienced teachers, teacher training candidates, administrators, practitioners, immediate and extended family members


This workshop was created by the Dyslexia Training Institute so individuals or groups that are interested in learning more about dyslexia and what those with dyslexia often experience with reading, writing and processing can experience a hands-on simulation.

We will address the myths vs. facts of dyslexia while walking participants through five different simulations: two reading, two writing and one processing simulation. It is designed to help individuals gain a better understanding of and empathy for those children and adults who struggle with dyslexia.

**The next workshop will be scheduled by request only. If you or your organization would like to attend or host a simulation please use the form to make your request known. Once I have enough individuals or a group, I will schedule the next simulation.

PRESENTED BY: Academic Ascents, LLC with support from Decoding Dyslexia–Summit County Branch and Summit County School District

**Registration Required-use contact form to the right or email Lindsay Lesch at



Local Resource Groups

If you plan to attend the “Dyslexia for a Day” Workshop please RSVP using the contact form below:

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  • "Thank you for working so hard to make me know the whole entire lower case alphabet in cursive. Thank you also for helping me to get a better grade. I bet when I'm at my new school, I will go crazy through my work."

    - Summer Tutee

  • "I have been meaning to finally touch base and thank you again for all your help. He had a great summer for fun, as usual, but the first for significant and very positive progress with his dyslexia. Thanks to you in large part!"

    - Parent

  • "Lindsay was a great help for our son. She spent a lot of time learning about him and how he learns. Thank you Lindsay"

    - Happy Parent

About Me

My name is Lindsay Lesch and I am proud to be the owner and primary tutor for Academic Ascents, LLC.

Originally from Maine, I enjoyed spending time at the many lakes, on the ocean, and atop the snow-capped mountains. After graduating from the University of Maine at Farmington, where I earned a B.S. in Special Education, I pursued my certification as an Orton-Gillingham tutor. I have been working with students in a school setting, summer camps, and as a private tutor for over ten years. I am certified as a Dyslexia Practitioner through the International Dyslexia Association and have earned her Masters Certificate in Dyslexia Studies and Language-Based Learning Disabilities from Southern New Hampshire University.

In addition to my tutoring endeavors, I have seven years of teaching experience as a Special Education teacher. I am dually certified as both a Special Education Generalist (Ages 5-21) and as an Elementary Education Teacher (Grades K-6) My passion is to help every student experience success, especially in academic areas that are challenging. By working with every student to help them identify their individual learning strengths and needs, I empower students to maintain a positive perspective despite the challenges they face in school. Additionally, I enjoy hosting workshops for parents, teachers, and community members to develop a greater awareness of Dyslexia in the schools and community. I currently serve as a board member for Vertical Skills Academy in Evergreen. 

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